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    This FURNITURE RENTAL AGREEMENT (“Agreement”) is made by and shared between Renzilla and the Customer. The customer is entitled to keep the products until the pre-fixed period (as confirmed while placing the order) and once the tenure is over then Renzilla will take the products back. This agreement is applicable for multiple products which will be taken on rent. The Customer can extend the tenure of the agreement before the expiry of the fixed period. However, such information must be conveyed to Renzilla.

    The Terms and Conditions related to this contract are as follows:

    Rental period and Term

    For the customer, the rental period for the products will commence from the date of delivery at customer’s given address. The rental period can be extended/foreclosed, provided the customer has raised a request for the same and Renzilla has approved the request.

    Rental Payment

    The Customer shall pay to Renzilla, the monthly rent incurred for the use of the product by 5th day of every month. The rental amount shall be paid by Customer to Renzilla via Cash/Bhim/UPI/ Paytm/GPay/ Bank Account transfer. If the customer fails to make the payment of the payable amount on or before the due date then a late fee of 25% per month will be applicable on the pending amount on pro-rata basis. If the pending amount has not been paid for 3 months, then Renzilla reserves the right to take back the product.

    If the product has been delivered during the month, then the rental amount for the first month will be calculated on pro rata basis, and from the following months actual rental amount will be payable.

    In case customer wants to extend the rental period, then on the extension month, monthly rent will be calculated on pro rata basis and payable along with the following month’s rent. From the following month normal rental procedure will be followed.

    Security Deposit

    At the time of Delivery, the customer is liable to pay only the refundable Security Deposit, as mentioned in the Deposit Slip, presented to the customer at the time of delivery of the order.

    The Security Deposit shall be refundable at the end of the rental tenure, the final settlement amount will be confirmed once the two step quality check is carried out by the Team Renzilla. The refund will be processed within 5-7 working days and the mode of payment of such refund will be the same as specified during the beginning of the rental period (unless the customer sends a mail clearly specifying the mode of receipt and the account number) once and when a pickup request is raised at the end of the tenure.

    In case of any damages caused to the product, Renzilla reserves the right to deduct charges from the Security Deposit. Also, if there is any rental amount due (including late fees, or reattempt of delivery, or lifting charges et al.), Renzilla has the right to deduct the due amount and shall return the remaining amount to the Customer.

    Shipping Policy

    Once the order is confirmed, Renzilla will deliver the order to the location specified by the customer. The cost of transportation of the products will be borne by Renzilla, only if they are to be delivered in the following areas:

    - New Town

    - Bidhannagar

    - Rajarhat

    - Jessore Road

    - Sapoorji

    - Dum Dum

    - Chinar Park

    - Kasba

    - Ruby

    If the order requires to be delivered to any other part of the city, the customer needs to pay the added delivery charges and the lifting charges. The charges shall be varying depending upon the unit and kind of furniture as well as the area’s pin code and navigational accessibility.

    At the time of delivery, the customer needs to be present at the premises and needs to show the ID proof & other documents as mentioned in the mail. After the setup, the customer will sign the delivery challan and confirm that the product has been delivered without any defects.

    In case the customer fails to be present at the premises at the time of delivery, then they need to reschedule the delivery 24 hours prior to the delivery time which was earlier confirmed by the customer.

    The customer can appoint a representative in case they fail to be available at the time of delivery. However, the same needs to be informed to Renzilla 24hrs prior to the delivery over mail along with the soft copy of the ID proof of their representative. The representative needs to show the hard copy of ID proof and the copy of the mail that was sent to us, at the time of receiving the delivery.

    If the customer fails to intimate about their absence from the premises within the stipulated time limit & the ordered product(s) reaches the premises of the customer, then they need to pay the total re-scheduling charges on actuals. Failure to make the payment will get it forfeited from the security deposit itself.

    Order Confirmation

    After confirming the order, Renzilla will send the confirmation mail and message on the registered email ID and number provided by the customer. The customer needs to acknowledge the receipt of the mail by sending a confirmation mail so that the order can be processed further.

    In case of unavailability of any product, the customer will be informed immediately and will be given an alternative choice from the same category, wherein they have an option to either accept or reject the alternative product. If the alternative is rejected then the product will be cancelled from the final order and individual prices of the products will be applicable as it will no longer be a combo offer.

    Indemnity and Damage Clause


    Once the product is delivered in working condition then the customer is liable to pay for any damages/theft/disappearance/loss which shall be treated against replacement cost. If the product is stolen or damaged beyond repair, then the customer shall be liable to pay to the Lessor the market value of the product. The damage will be ascertained by comparing the pictures taken at the time of delivery and pick up.

    The customer or any other person isn’t permitted to carry out repair of any part or subpart of the product, who isn’t authorised by Renzilla. Penalties will be levied if such unauthorised repairs is carried out as per the policy of Renzilla. Any removal, alteration, disfiguring or cover up any numbers, lettering, or insignia displayed on any product shall be considered as a damage to the product and shall be chargeable against the Customer.

    A damage report will be sent to the email ID of the customer immediately after the inspection is carried out.


    The Customer shall indemnify Renzilla and undertake to keep Renzilla indemnified against any losses, damages, costs, liabilities and expenses (including without limitation legal expenses and any amounts paid by us to a third party in settlement of a claim or dispute on the advice of our legal advisers) incurred or suffered by Renzilla arising out of any breach of contract made by the customer of any provision assigned in these terms of use. If there is any breach in anyway, Renzilla may take such action as deemed appropriate to deal with the breach.

    Maintenance Policy

    Maintenance of home furniture will be taken care by Renzilla once in a year for the customer who has rented the products for a minimum period of 12 months. The maintenance cost does not include any damage, breakdown due to mishandling by the customer. The Service representative will be appointed by Renzilla and will carry out the maintenance request within 3-4 working days once the request for maintenance is approved by Renzilla. [Any additional cost beyond normal wear and tear incurred by Renzilla at the time to maintenance will be borne by the customer, the payment of which needs to be made after the service is rendered through any of the acceptable modes of payment. The customer needs to share a screenshot of the transaction, mentioning the transaction ID and mode of payment used by the customer via-a-message from their registered mobile number on WhatsApp.]

    Swap Option

    The customers can swap their furniture with the products under the same category. The customers can avail this option after completion of 12 months of rental tenure of the current furniture. The value of the swap product should be of a value equal to or higher than the current rental price of the product. The request to swap product will be treated as a fresh order.

    After the request has been raised, a representative from Renzilla will come to value the current product taken on rent, & the customer will then receive the invoice for the swapped product within 2-3 working days.

    Security Deposit of the swapped product will be adjusted with the current product. However, the customer needs to pay the excess Security Deposit. On the basis of availability of the swapped product, it will be delivered within 5-7 working days, after the confirmation is received from the customer.

    Rent to Buy Option

    The customers can opt for Rent to Buy Option, if they wish to own the rental product. The option is available after the customer has completed a minimum of 6 months of rental period with the current product. After the request has been raised the customer will receive the billing amount (which would be minus the rent already paid and any other dues) within 2-3 working days. Once the customer makes the payment, Renzilla will close the rental account of the customer and initiate the refund of the Security Deposit and transfer of title of ownership.

    Until the account with Renzilla has been closed and all the dues have been cleared, ownership title will not be transferred. The customer shall give immediate notice to Renzilla if any of their rented product is about to become liable or is threatened with seizure, customers shall indemnify the Lessor against all losses and damages caused by such actions against its products.


    If the customer does not opt to extend the rental period/Swap Option/Rent to buy option then the agreement terminates on the last date of the rental period. The customer has to clear all his dues 7 days before the termination of their agreement.

    After the Termination:

    Renzilla will have the right to regain possession of the products. Renzilla has the right to adjust any dues by the customer against damages/loss against the Security Deposit.

    If the damage/loss value related to the product exceeds the Security Deposit then the customer needs to bear the expenses and need to pay the Lessor within 7 days using any mode of payment suggested by a representative of Renzilla. Failure to make the payment, the customer will be charged late fee as mentioned in Clause 2 (Rental payment) of the agreement.


    During the rental period, Renzilla reserves the right to inspect the rented product. A prior intimation will be given to the customer within reasonable time. The customer is expected to treat the representative properly and provide proper access to all the Products for inspection.

    In case the customer has any query regarding the same, the customer can contact Renzilla on the number provided and confirm about the credentials of the representative.


    The customer shall not transfer or assign any interest in the agreement or the products without any written consent from the Lessor. Any such transfer or assignment will be considered illegal and hence a violation of the terms of this agreement.

    Entire Agreement

    This Agreement (together with the Annexure) constitutes the entire agreement between Renzilla and the Customer. The acceptance of this Agreement also signifies the acceptance of the Customer, to the terms and conditions on the Renzilla website (including privacy policy).


    Renzilla reserves the right to cancel any orders completely or partially before delivery without prior information & in such scenarios, Renzilla will initiate the refund process for the deposit amount and the Customer will receive it in their source account within 7-10 working days. A mere payment of Security Deposit doesn’t imply a valid Contract.

    Any current/future orders placed by the Customer will have no connection with any of his/her previous orders.