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    Author: Renzilla Admin

    Contrary to popular belief, Kolkata has much more to offer than just bookstores and rasgullas. The City of Joy, with its warm and welcoming heart, has something for everybody!

    Here’s a list of our picks as a must do for any newbie in the city:

    1. Blast from The Past

    If you love history, you’ve come to the right city!Built in the memory of Queen Victoria , Victoria Memorial is known for its architectural magnificence. It ha s 25 galleries which include the royal gallery, the national leader’s gallery,the portrait gallery, central hall, the sculpture gallery, the arms and armoury gallery and the much newer, Calcutta gallery.

    Visit the State Archaeological Gallery , which was established in 1962, to familiarize yourself with tools from the early, middle and late stone ages. This remarkable art house also showcases an array of old artifacts, including sculptures and terracottas from the medieval times.

    A treat for all history lovers is the Indian Museum . It is the largest and oldest museum in India and has a rare collection of antiques, armour and ornaments, fossils, skeletons,mummies, and Mughal paintings to its name. Pack your lunches for you’ll be here for awhile!

    For all the science buffs out there, Birla Industrial Technological Museum is the place to be.It was the first science museum in the country under the National Council of Science Museums (NCSM). The central attraction of this popular tourist spot is it’s mock-up coalmine.

    Dedicated to the child in you, the Nehru Children's Museum prides itself with a grand collection of dolls from 88 countries around the world, a collection of Ganesha statues, a toy gallery and a collection of cars. However, its greatest attraction is the narration of the epics,The Ramayana and The Mahabharata, through clay figurines.

    2. For The Foodie in You

    If you’re looking to explore street foods, Vardan Market is the place to go. From spicy puchkas to sweet kulfis, they’ve got it all! Kolkata is the home of the mouthwatering Kathi rolls. Try this popular street food in the heart of the city at Kusum Rolls , in Park Street. Arsalan & Royal are undoubtedly the best places to try the famous Kolkata Biryani. A crowd favourite, this dish consists of the rich flavours of mutton and cardamom, with the signature boiled potato!

    Claimed to be India’s first nightclub, Mocambo is known for its over sauced prawn cocktail and devilled crabs, rich buttery chicken tetrazzini and splendid Baked Alaska, a must try.The chello kebabs from Peter Cat are the best this city has to offer. You better make reservations unless you want to be in queue for hours at a time.

    3. Party as the Calcuttans Do

    Also called ‘the street that never sleeps’, Park Street is where you can experience the nightlife Kolkata has to offer. Lined with pubs, clubs and restaurants, the street comes to life after 8pm.

    With its retro glam look, comfortable seating arrangement , and unbelievable cocktails, Roxy is a favourite amongst the party people of Kolkata. Drop in for a one of a kind experience.If you enjoy club hopping, right next door to Roxy is one of the oldest nightclubs, Tantra .Opened in 1999, international events, celebrities, and fashion have contributed to helping keep it popular over time.

    Attracting a huge crowd of beer-lovers, The Grid is a gastro-brew pub that has seven of its own craft beers on tap to boast of. Its astonishing 92 foot-long bar is made of Lego toy pieces and is the longest bar in Kolkata.

    4. Shop till You Drop

    Sir Stuart Hogg Market (popularly known as ‘New Market’ ) dates back to the colonial era.One can find a range of products, extending from shoes and sarees, to exotic flowers and rare cheeses, in over 2000 stalls to choose from. Gariahat Market is a sight to behold. Centrally located and spread along a long stretch of road with shops on either side, it sells a huge variety of clothes, jewellery and electronic items at affordable prices.

    A haven for the bibliophile in you, College Street has books spilling from the pavements as far as your sight goes. It is the largest book market in India where you can get rare volumes of writing and books at almost throwaway prices.

    Everything fathomable can be found in the Burrabazar Market . It is divided into four major parts, i.e. Tulapatti, Fancypatti, Dhotipatti and Chinipatti. These divisions are hosts to similar kinds of items that are there to sell.

    5. Awaken Your Third Eye

    Dakshineswar and Kalighat are both temples dedicated to the Hindu goddess Kali. People from far and near frequent these holy premises to lose themselves in the essence of spirituality.

    Get spellbound by the Gothic-styled beauty of St. Paul’s Cathedral . Known for its beautiful views as well as its peaceful ambience, it is one of the oldest cathedrals in the city.Founded by Swami Vivekanand, Belur Math is the place for those looking to escape the bustle of the city. Enveloped in manicured lawns, its architecture has been inspired by Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism, a true melting pot of cultures.

    Built for Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha , Birla Temple often leaves onlookers in awe. Dripping with the essence of spirituality from every nook, it is a great example of fine craftsmanship and engineering.

    6. Let Sparks Fly

    The Eco Tourism Park is the biggest urban park in India. With various activities ranging from cycling to ice skating, it’s a must on your Kolkata checklist.

    The Academy Of Fine Arts is the house to mesmerizing gallery displays and art exhibitions that can immediately invoke the feeling of true love for arts and crafts in a person.If you’re fascinated by heavenly bodies, pay a visit to Birla Planetarium . It offers the most wonderful visual experience and features daily astronomy shows in multiple languages. Princep Ghat is one of the romantic places in the city. Go boating in the waters of the Hooghly River or sip coffee whilst enjoying the sunset with your better half.

    Featured in several films, the Howrah Bridge is another must-visit in Kolkata. The best way to appreciate its majesticity is from a boat during sunset.

    7. For the brave at heart

    People reading alone in the library have felt the presence of someone breathing down their neck; such are the horrors of the National Library . Some believe that it is the ghost of the wife of Lord Metcalfe who keeps roaming in the halls.

    If you’re seeking paranormal adventure, visit Putulbari or ‘the house of dolls’. It is said that the wealthy owners who inhabited the place in the old days used to sexually exploit young women here, even killing some of them. It is said that the spirits of those women still haunt the place to seek justice. At night, one may hear shrill laughter or even the clinking of bangles and anklets!

    South Park Street Cemetery is another place that experiences paranormal activity regularly.Occurrences like shadows moving, cameras dying or capturing eerie images and health deterioration have been witnessed in the premises. Residents nearby are so afraid of this haunted place that they keep their windows shut at all times.

    We hope the list helps you discover the true essence of the City of Joy, because there’s nothing better than self discovery to truly appreciate Kolkata’s many facets and make you fall in love with it!

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