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  • Searching for efficient furniture rental solutions?

    Congratulations! Your destination is right on your screen.

    At Renzilla, we aim to bring down the furnishing hassles faced by space-owners of -homes, co-living spaces, PG spaces, and offices. We are the one-stop solution for those who plan to refurnish their spaces often, in a less costly and less time-taking manner…

    Since we begun our journey in Kolkata, today Renzilla is one-of-its-kinds of furniture renting platforms in the cultural capital.

    We cut down unnecessary furniture buying expenses and choice-making spans, with our
    - affordable
    - timely-delivered
    - conveniently ordered and
    - easily-replaced, diverse furniture range, on rent.

    While shifting to or accommodating in a new home, a pile of expenses and time-taking efforts follow you. And thus we aim to simplify your furnishing concerns with our click-to-rent solutions.

    Furnish better. Rent easy with Renzilla!




    Co-Founder of HomeHalt Online platform to get details about PGs in the city of Ahmedabad (Currently non-operational)

    ACCA Affiliate

    Bachelors from The Christ University, Bangalore

    Work Experience:
    1.5 years as Credit Manager in HDFC Bank
    PWC SDC, Kolkata
    AUM Capital Markets Private Limited, Kolkata




    Masters in Financial Markets from NIFM Faridabad (Autonomous Institute of Ministry of Finance)

    2.5 years experience as an Accounting Associate

    Bachelors in Commerce from J.D. Birla Institute, Kolkata

  • When it comes to leading through a business model, Renzilla believes in a simple definition of a brand - one that can meet up to the demands of its clients without bringing about any negative consequences to the society.

    And in the process of building a brand, Renzilla aims to adhere to the following core values:

    Being a brand of word

    In a world where competition is adding new edge to its definition every second, as a beginner we aim to follow the basic tenet of following the commitments we make.

    Be it with the time, or the quality, or the integrity: we make sure we deliver what we commit while you order, each time, every time.

    Being led by an idea that was incepted on the floor, we aim to make sure that the comparative cost advantage of the furniture we are offering on rent as compared to the conventional furniture purchase options of the same quality, is highly beneficial for our buyers.

    The more economic our options are, the faster will be the growth of our clientele.

    Reducing carbon footprints

    Furniture is a highly reusable resource.

    With our services, we aim to bring down the carbon footprint of our buyers, assisting them in bringing down the furniture they order, the wood they use for the same, the trees the process destructs, and the carbon di-oxide emission increase that it leads to.

    A simple solution to it all, rent at ease, with Renzilla.

  • Our Mission

    To fulfill rental furniture requirements for all categories of customers, individual and corporates with passion and commitment.

    Our Vision

    To build an effective, lean and fast moving organization and be the first choice for anyone looking for furniture rental.